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Our "Girlz Run the World In Pearls" program empowers gilrz to take on the world wearing their pearls.
Join us for our 1st Annual Girlz Run the World In Pearls Women's Empowerment & Wellness Retreat  2019

CEO & Founder Annette Watson-Johnson

      Why pearls? I am fascinated with pearls because they represent me as a women of color. So I wear them as a reminder.  I understand how they are created and what they must endure before they are hardened into strong beautiful jewels. They are formed into strong pearls which are created from their environment. So I wear them proudly in authentic or costume styles. In my head pearls are synonymous with women of color (or any other women) who has historically endured persecution, mistreatment and have been underestimated but we have persevered.  

     Like pearls, women of color are strong and (or an other women who has shared similar) are highly esteemed and have been objects of beauty for many centuries. We have birthed many nations and the world owe us gratitude. Because of our history, our strength, courage and willpower, we have become metaphors for something rare, fine, admirable and valuable. Like pearls we are the most imitated and are adorned in any style of fashion. 

     We may be underestimated or even unappreciated but we know our worth, and can multitask to produce multiple streams of income with or without education. We understand that there is enough success for us all and will support other women because the spirit of intimidation is not a factor.    

     We often forget our self care regiment to make our mental, physical and spiritual wellness a priority so our mssion is to help you navigate your self care journey.  We have lots of surprises, entertainment and door prizes and we can’t wait to meet all you Girlz Who Run the World in Pearls coming from all over the world at this event. Registration is active see below.



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Thursday Oct. 17 2019
*8am - 4pm - Scheduled classes/speakers
*11:30-12:30pm - Lunch Break (on your own)
*7pm-11pm -Pajama & Pamper Party

Friday Oct. 18 2019
*8am - 4pm - Scheduled classes/ speakers
*11am -1pm - Brunch with Distingusted Guest Speakers
*7pm-11pm - Girlz In Black, White & Pearls Night Event
Girlz Run The World In Pearls Empowerment & Wellness Retreat 2019
Saturday Oct. 19, 2019

Calling all Women with a vision! This event will empower you to make 2019 the year that you make your mental, physical and spiritual self-care a priority. When you are well you can excel. We have invited several Speakers, Womenprenuers, Consultants, Health Professionals, Authors, and wellness Ambassadors to provide you with a plethora of information. You will learn how these wellness areas can plateau or block your dreams or visions from coming to fruition. We knowlege based leadershp, business, finance etc. classes schedules. Leave this event empowered and ready to take on the world in your pearls!
*7:00am -1K/5K Girlz run/walk on Cocoa Beach. Complete walk to earn your finisher medal. music, fun & healthy snacks will be provided.

Our amazing speakers can't wait to meet you!

Annette Watson-Johnson is a Wellness Ambassador, Motivational Speaker, Consultant and the founder and CEO of Dynamic Participators Enterprise Inc.

Principal Rosette Brown (retired) is a Motivational Speaker with a primary focus on Leadership. Received numerous prestigious awards during her tenure.

Dr. Ashley Lipscomb (Pharmacy Pearl) is a Pharmacy Operations manager, Motivational Speaker and Wellness Ambassador.

Debbie Hardcastle
Nutritional Cleansing & Wellness Coach
Holistic Life Coach

Adrienne Jenkins Hunt is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Certified Business Coach and Women's Empowerment Coach. Owner of Hunt’s Business Solutions Inc.Heading

Elizabeth Jennings is a Beauty Business CEO & Strategist and The Minister of Beauty specializing in Beauty Biz consulting, Owner of Carolina Eye Candy, LLC.

Nicole Williams is a Cook Book Author, Motivational Speaker and the owner of The Vegan Lady Soul Company.

Erika Simmons is a Financial Broker Senior Associate, Motivational Speaker with a focus on Financial Education and Financial Vision.



Marie Cochran
Shut the Fear Up Extraordinaire, Impact Speaker, Self Leadership Expert & RWM Coach


We are seeking sponsors!

We are seeking sponsors! Your donation will bring us closer to our goals and help offset the cost as we would like to provide this empowerment and wellness event to all women and girlz. Keeping our cost low can make this event more affordable. By becoming a sponsor at our very worthy event will increase your business exposure and can likely increase your sales. This retreat will include mental, physical and spiritual inclusive wellbeing activities to help our attendees focus on self-care. Women self-care is a billion dollar industry. We want every attendees leaving this retreat with new merchandise and information to keep them on self-care journey. I would like to thank you for considering this opportunity.

Get your tickets today by registering at For sponsoship oppurtunities please make checks payable to Dynamic Participators Enterrpise Inc. and mail to the address Attn: Annette Watson-Johnson PO BOX 560134 Rockledge FL 32956 or logon to to pay via credit card. If you have any queries regarding our organization, our fund management procedures, or the project itself, please feel free to contact CEO Annette Watson-Johnson (813) 334-3120 or email: